Steep Rock Iron Mines, Ontario : Annual Safety Banquet, 1978.

steep rock features page "This is one of the parts of my job that I enjoy the most," noted Larry Lamb, as he congratulated employees with outstanding safety records at the Annual Safety Banquet on November 17. He commended the Mining Division, who had worked 430 days without a lost-time accident to November 17, and the Maintenance Division, who achieved a work record of over a year without a lost-time injury during the past year.

Bruce Taylor, General Manager, also congratulated the employees, and noted that even if Steep Rock's present record was not as good as the past couple of years, it was still No. 2 in the Lakehead Safety Group, which represents mines in Northwestern Ontario.

Safety Director, Don Gadd, stated that without the total commitment of Management to safety, and the cooperation of employees, supervisors, and safety committees, the good records achieved over the past few years would have been impossible. Also, he had special thanks for the assistance of Ron Dupuis, the Safety Examiners, and the faithful Members of the Safety Promotion Committee.

Fifty-seven employees received awards for achieving 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years' service without a lost-time injury on the job. Four employees -- Norm Hagen, Bill Beyer, Carl Sander, and Bob Parr -- received engraved watches for working safely for 25 years. Special souvenir desk pen awards were presented by Larry Lamb to employees who have worked over 30 years without a lost-time injury. These included Bert Booth (34), Harry Brasseur (33), Pete Romanson (32), Ernie Bain (32), Lyle Franks (31), Tom Lee (30), and Stan Habinski (30). Joe Danco (31) and Spike MacDonald (31) were not present but will receive similar awards.

After the presentation of awards and the attendance draws, made by Rose Weber, the guests and employees were entertained by Don Plaskett -- Administrator, Toastmaster, Community Worker -- one of Northwestern Ontario's Great Citizens. Most of his remarks were entertaining and some hilariously funny, but he had some serious comments to make about safety. It is indicative of his excellence as a speaker that the points he made were attentively received by the audience and remembered by the writer. He said that Safety and Religion had much in common -- first they must be preached, then learned, then lived -- and reminded the 207 guests that since our children would undoubtedly copy our actions, safe or unsafe, and since our example was what they use to develop their own attitudes to Safety, we should be very careful what we are teaching them.

Annual Safety Banquet, 1978.

25 Years Without A Lost-Time Injury:
L. to R.: Larry Lamb, Carl Sander, Norm Hagen, Bill Beyer, Bob Parr, Don Gadd.

Annual Safety Banquet, 1978.

Employees With 30 Years Plus, Without A Lost-Time Injury:
L. to R.: Larry Lamb (President), Ernie Bain, Pete Romanson, Lyle Franks, Berth Booth, Tom Lee, Stan Habinski, Harry Brasseur, Don Gadd (Safety Director).

Annual Safety Banquet, 1978.

Mining Division: L. to R.: Kelly McMahon (5 years), Joe Durand (5 years), Ben Love (5 years), Mark White (5 years), Bob McMahon (5 years), Colin MacIver, Wes Bone (10 years), Harry Wiersema (5 years), John Schedlosky (20 years), Dan Hoard (10 years), John White (15 years), Herb Roehrig (15 years), Stan Habinski (30 years), Red McMahon (15 years).

Annual Safety Banquet, 1978.

Metallurgical Division -- Maintenance: L. to R.:
Al Bayles, Pete Gagne (5 years), Duncan Russell (5 years), John Cooper, Pete Gardiman (10 years), Bill Bruce (15 years), George MacDonald.

Annual Safety Banquet, 1978.

Metallurgical Division -- Operating: L. to R.:
Al Bayles, John Cooper, Jim Brisco, Ray Gushulak (5 years), Mel Leif (15 years), Tom Lee (30 years), Erle Zacharias (5 years), Tony Bryk (5 years), John Skrenski (5 years), Arnold Angus (15 years), Wayne Anness (15 years), Pete Urbanowicz (20 years).

Annual Safety Banquet, 1978.

Maintenance Division: L. to R.:
Leon Perrier, Larry Nault (20 years), John Nephin (5 years), Bill Wright, Mickey Desserre (5 years), Hugh Darrah (5 years), Kam Lee (5 years), Fred Lee (20 years), Tony Zerebeski (10 Years), Ed Danard (15 years) and Herb Garrioch (15 years).

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