Steep Rock Iron Mines, Ontario : Kurt Zens Retires From Steep Rock, 1974.

steep rock features page Friends and fellow workers gathered at the Union Hall on Friday, September 20th to honour Kurt Zens on his retirement from Steep Rock. Kurt began work with the company on March 17, 1953 and at the time of his retirement from North End Maintenance, was known as The Idler Man. His main responsibility was the care and maintenance of the idlers on the conveyors, and his work record safety-wise for all the twenty-one years was unblemished.

Kurt and his wife plan on moving to British Columbia in the near future. Perhaps he'll send back some of his homegrown apples, from his farm to his old friends at Steep Rock next year.

His friend and co-worker, Eric West, said it all for Kurt's friends in his little poem:
This party tonight is to honor KURT ZENS
From the staff to the helpers and all of his friends,
We are all gathered here to wish him the best,
As he and his wife settle down out west.
No more rollers and idlers or skirting to fix,
Just rum and rye and a little mix.
For KURT'S leaving Steep Rock, he's retiring you know,
To a farm in B. C. to make apples grow.
For many years around the pellet plant,
With dust on his shirt and mud on his pants,
KURT would carry the tools of his trade,
A four-sided roller and a broken knife blade.
Everyone here wants to wish you the best,
From President Jones to a poet named West,
So remember this advice from all of your friends,
This is a Beginning and not an End!!

retirement of Kurt Zens.

Mike Shmyr (right) presenting Mr. and Mrs. Zens with a gift from their friends.

retirement of Kurt Zens.

Kurt receives a handshake and warm wishes for a happy retirement from President Alex O'Neill of the United Steelworkers of America Local 3466.

retirement of Kurt Zens.

Mrs. Zens, Kurt and Leon Perrier, Acting Manager Mainenance & Services, who presented Kurt with a wallet containg a new $100 bill on behalf of Steep Rock Iron Mines.

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