Steep Rock, Ontario : Composite Photo of Townsite, 1945.

Steep Rock Ontario, Townsite, 1945.

This composite photo was created by joining two photos taken from the hill to the west, in 1945.
Left to Right: Men's bunkhouse, curling rink, warehouse, main office, cookery in foreground, recreation centre is far right.

January, 2021: Thanks to an anonymous person who emailed me: " The building between the rec hall and the cookery that is furthest to the right, with the ramp running along side, is the boiler house. It had two automatic fireman feeding the two boilers. The Stationary Engineer hand mucked the coal into the automatic fireman hoppers. We used to go in there from the school bus to warm up in the winter before going home. The school bus picked up and dropped off in front of the cookery. All the buildings were heated with steam, hence the boiler house. The ramp was for the coal trucks to dump into the coal bin. The building between the main office and the curling rink was the women’s dormitory that housed the women who worked the laundry, cookery, switchboard and bunk house. We used to sneak up and window peep as kids. "

See an aerial photo of the townsite taken in the early to mid-1950's.

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